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Erasmus Mundus Action 2: IBIES Consortium

Aims of the Interdisciplinary Bridges for Indo-European Studies (IBIES)

The aim of IBIES is the promotion of Indo-European higher education, to support the improvement and enhancement of scholars' career proposects as well as the promotion of intercultural communication and understanding through cooperation with the partner countries.

IBIES supports mobility at all level of higher education, including both mobility for students (undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral) and for staff (academic and administrative).

The IBIES network in the frame of the Erasmus Mundus programme will see to the further enhancement of the individual student, researcher or teacher in order to improve not only their knowldedge, qualifications and skills but also to strengthen the cooperation between India and EU and contribute to the development of theses societies.

The Interdisciplinary Bridges for Indo-European Studies (IBIES) consortium has been selected for funding under the Erasmus Mundus Programme Action 2 Strand 1 and External Cooperation Window. Click here for details

For project summary click here

AIAS-COFUND Fellowships   

AIAS Feb2017 ec29ac4b8bUp to 15 AIAS-COFUND (Marie Curie) Fellowships available AIAS has up to 15 AIAS-COFUND fellowships available for application by the most talented researchers from around the world. The fellowship scheme is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement no 754513 and by Aarhus University Research Foundation.

Erasmus 30years
In the frame of the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme, Erasmus+ has just published a new video that shows just some of the ways Erasmus+ brings together students, staff and managers from across the world.
Europeans and non-Europeans talk about their experiences and we get an idea about the real benefits of these international mobility and cooperation projects.

The video is available at the following Erasmus+ webpage:

More in detail, we hear a few words from a Vietnamese student in Portugal, the coordinator of an Erasmus Mundus joint programme in Belgium, Portuguese and Polish professors who have returned from Bosnia-Herzegovina and China respectively, the international relations manager of a Polish university, two visiting US professors in Portugal, and the coordinator of a capacity-building project that brings together European and Chinese universities.

Shorter extracts from this 08:13-minute video have been prepared for social media use and have started to appear on Erasmus+ Facebook page.

Greetings on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Erasmus, a programme which has supported the university studies of over 5,000 Indian students in the European Union.

To commemorate this milestone, we have launched a Facebook page to connect alumni with each other and with the European Union Delegation. Please like us here, and share this page:






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Erasmus Mundus scholarships and students' experiences videos