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Application step-by-step

You apply for IBIES scholarship through an on-line application system. The application is a six-step process:

  1. Read information on the webpage. Identify which mobility group and target group you belong to.
  2. Decide which university and program/courses you want to apply for. For detailed information on program/courses at the selected university, please visit their website or contact your selected university directly for more information about their study offers.
  3. Prepare the relevant documents. See the list of required documents for your mobility type.
  4. Create application:
    1. Select “Application form Aarhus University, IBIES”
    2. Write your e-mail and select “Continue”
    3. Choose a password and write your name (e-mail and password may be used each time you enter the application)
    4. Select “Create application”
  5. Start your application process:
    1. Enter all required personal data
    2. Choose target group and mobility group
    3. Find the fields of study of your interest
  6. Upload relevant documents.
  7. See application and close application.